GitHub App

Everything you need to know about SlashDeploy GitHub App.


SlashDeploy GitHub Application is configured on per-repository basis, which enables us to receive deployment related events from GitHub and notify your team about deployments in Slack. We also use it to link your GitHub account to the installed Slack team and create deployments on behalf of your GitHub account.

Adding repositories

Only repositories that have been added to our GitHub application can be deployed with SlashDeploy. To add new repositories, click on Go to GitHub button in the top right corner of our Web app, or follow this link.

Requested permissions

When you add one of your repositories to our GitHub application, you will be requested to grant the following permissions.





Allows SlashDeploy to read checks of the repository.


Even though it allows SlashDeploy to read your repository, we never clone, nor access your source code. The permission is required to be able to receive GitHub Push events, in order to trigger auto-deployments.

Read & write

Allows SlashDeploy to receive GitHub Deployment and Deployment Status events. Additionally, allows us to create auto-deployments on behalf of our GitHub application, in case commit author is not a SlashDeploy user.


Allows SlashDeploy to access a single file, .slashdeploy.yml configuration.


Allows SlashDeploy to read commit status checks and receive GitHub Status events.

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