The complete reference on the SlashDeploy /deploy command.

The following /deploy commands are available to you, which are here divided into sections. You don't need to remember them all, as you can always reference them via our Slack help command:

/deploy help

Or you can get the repository specific usage help (provided by you) with:

/deploy help <repo>


Deployments can be triggered from anywhere in Slack, whether it's a channel, @slashdeploy bot or a group. The deployment notifications will be messaged directly to the user who triggered a deploy, or sent to a default Slack channel if one has been configured.

Deploy a repo from the default ref to the default environment:

/deploy <repo>

Deploy a repo from the default ref to a specific environment:

/deploy <repo> to <environment>

Deploy a repo from a specific Git branch, tag or SHA:

/deploy <repo>@<ref>

Force deploy a repo with ! operator, which will ignore any status checks:

/deploy <repo>@<ref>!

Deploy a repo with an alternative deploy task, default is deploy.

/deploy <repo> with <task>

List environments where you can deploy a repo to:

/deploy where <repo>

Get latest deployment for a repo:

/deploy latest <repo>

Get latest deployment for a repo to a specific environment:

/deploy latest <repo> to <environment>

You can of course, mix and match the commans above. For example, to force deploy a repo at a specific Git tag to an aliased environment:

/deploy api@1.0.0! to prod with deploy:migrations


To prevent others from accidentially deploying to a shared environment, SlashDeploy allows you to lock environments. As with deploying, locking operations can be performed from anywhere in Slack. People trying to deploy to a locked environment will see the lock owner information along with an optional lock message.

Lock an environment with an optional message:

/deploy lock <repo> in <environment> [<message>]

Force lock an environment with ! operator, which will steal any existing locks:

/deploy lock <repo> in <environment>! [<message>]

Unlock a previously locked environment:

/deploy unlock <repo> in <environment>

Check if en environment is locked:

/deploy check <repo> in <environment>


When the environment is locked by someone else, deploy queues enable you to queue up for the lock. You will get notified when it's your turn to deploy and the environment in question will be automatically locked for you. As with locking, you can provide an optional message that will be used to describe the lock.

Queue up for a lock to a repo in a specific environment, with an optional message:

/deploy queue <repo> in <environment> [<message>]

Remove yourself from a queue for a lock:

/deploy dequeue <repo> in <environment>

Sending feedback

We've made it easy for you to send us feedback right from Slack, using the same /deploy command. If you have anything you would like improve or suggest, we would love to hear from you!

Send us feedback with a message and we will reply to the email linked to your GitHub account:

/deploy feedback <message>

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