SlashDeploy helps your team manage deployments without leaving Slack. It's powered by GitHub and additionally brings you these awesome features:

  • Simple deployments - Enable anybody in your team to deploy faster without leaving Slack.

  • Continuous deployment - List the auto-deploy branches to automatically deploy changes.

  • Commit status checks - Ensure broken deployments never reach your users.

  • Environment locks - Prevent others from accidentally deploying to a shared environment.

  • Plain text configuration - Manage your deployment configuration alongside your code.

  • Backed by GitHub Deployment API - Gain full control over your data and infrastructure.

Here, you will find guides and tutorials that will teach you how to use SlashDeploy and related systems. The documentation is still in progress, so if you find anything inaccurate, misleading or just missing, please open an issue in our public roadmap.

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