Our collection of Frequently Asked Questions

What does an active user mean?

An active monthly user is any GitHub account that, during the billing month, interacted with our service via /deploy command or triggered an auto-deployment via Git push. You can see your current month's estimated usage on your Dashboard.

How are my deployments executed?

SlashDeploy helps you manage your deployment workflows from Slack, but does not really execute deployments on its own. We leverage GitHub Deployment API to let you listen for GitHub deployment events yourself and run deployments on the infrastructure you wish. That makes it possible for us not to require access to your servers, nor the source code and play nicely with other CI/CD tooling you might be using. Check out our docs on How to set up SlashDeploy and some examples of possible architectures.

Do you have access to my repositories?

SlashDeploy is a GitHub Application configured on per-repository basis. Even though, we do request OAuth access to read your SlashDeploy configured repositories, we never clone, nor access your source code. We require this permission to be able to receive GitHub Push events, in order to trigger auto-deployments. The only file that SlashDeploy reads from your repository is the .slashdeploy.yml configuration file. See the list of permissions SlashDeploy needs in our docs.

Is SlashDeploy free for open-source projects?

Although we would love to provide a free plan for open-source projects, at this moment we do not have such availability. If you're interested in this feature, please do let us know in our product roadmap.

How do I request a feature?

Our product roadmap is publicly available in GitHub. Feel free to request a feature, ask a question, report a bug, or join a discussion in any of existing issues. We'd love to hear your feedback!

Does this work with GitLab, BitBucket, Microsoft Teams?

No. Unfortunately, at this stage, SlashDeploy works only with Slack and GitHub. If you would like us to support other tools and/or services, please let us know in our product roadmap.

Do you support GitHub Enterprise or on-premises installation?

We're working hard on supporting enterprise customers. If you are on GitHub Enterprise and require an on-premises installation, contact us to get an early access.

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